### www.n-r-u.xyz ![[NRU new logo color gif.gif|300]] Research group on the pluri/antidisciplinary concept-phenomenon-event that is _noise_, started in 2020. Meeting regularly (_almost_ weekly) and hosting workshops ever since then. Planning to open the platform as a **true** union for more to join, soon. _Current members:_ Cécile Malaspina Miguel Prado Inigo Wilkins Martina Raponi Mattin Sonia de Jager ![[NRU happy.jpg|300]] ### Workshops: Soopa, Porto, December 2021. Café OTO, London, May 2022. Eindhoven STRP festival, April 2023. Bidston Observatory, November 2023. Unsound festival, Krakow, October 2024. Bristol, TBA, 2024. ### Zines: Zines produced so far, live versions by workshop participants + NRU, digital versions by Diede van Ommen + NRU. # Soopa, Porto, December 2021: ![[nru zine porto.pdf]] # Café OTO, London, May 2022: ![[NRU zine Cafe Oto.pdf]]